Day 24: Wisdom of Jesus

Wisdom of Jesus

WEEK 4, DAY 24: WISDOM OF JESUS Wisdom of Jesus by Steven Tyree, Christian Family Institute Scripture Reference: Esther 1 Hello and blessings, I’m Steven Tyree. Let’s all pray together. Father God you are wisdom.  You alone are wise.  So now we seek you and turn to you and seek you ways not our ways.  […]

Day 23: Accountable


WEEK 4, DAY 23: ACCOUNTABLE Accountable and Recalibrate by Stephanie Matthews, CFR Scripture Reference: Nehemiah 13 Nehemiah 13 is a burst of dramatic activity amidst chapters of “roll call” genealogy, so it warrants a close examination. In many ways, this final chapter is not at all how I thought this story would end.  After all […]

Day 22: Celebration


WEEK 4, DAY 22: CELEBRATION Celebration, Consecration, Contribution by Stephanie Matthews, CFR Scripture Reference: Nehemiah 12 God’s people are party people.  For as much as they know how to lament a terrible plight, they also know how to throw an exuberant party that violates noise ordinances the next town over.  I’m exaggerating a little, but […]

Day 21: Populate The City

Populate the City

WEEK 3, DAY 21: POPULATE THE CITY Populate the City of God by Stephanie Matthews, CFR Scripture Reference: Nehemiah 11 It was time.  The walls were now restored and the city must be inhabited.  Of course the city leaders would live there, but who else?  They determined to cast lots to select a tenth of […]