Day 33: Forgive Us

Forgive Us

WEEK 5, DAY 33: Forgive Us Forgive Us by Vivian Horton, BG First Church of the Nazarene Scripture Reference: Esther 10 Prayer Our Father in Heaven,  The story of Esther and Mordecai reminds us, Your Church, we should be working for the benefit of the people around us.  To love You is to love our […]

Day 20: First Fruits

First Fruits

WEEK 3, DAY 20: First Fruits The First Fruits of the Heart by Bridget Kehrt-Groce, CFR Scripture Reference: Nehemiah 10 It is so nice to have something to be able to offer, whether its basic needs of food , a place to rest and recharge , or a good conversation.  It is just good to […]

Day 13: The Wall of Holiness

The Wall of Holiness

WEEK 2, DAY 13: THE WALL OF HOLINESS The Wall of Holiness by Ruth Fraser, Crossland Community Church Scripture Reference: Nehemiah 3 Nehemiah has seen the broken-down condition of his beloved city. He decides to do something about it but knows that the task is not for one man. As a leader he rallies the […]

Day 6: Justice

Day 6: Justice

WEEK 1, DAY 6: JUSTICE Scripture Reference: Mark 6:14-29 The German philosopher, Hegel, described how truth is not found in the thesis or the antithesis but the synthesis which draws the two together. How can we reconcile seeking justice in a world filled with injustice?  Justice becomes a buzzword because our world is defined by […]