Day 7: Missionary


WEEK 1, DAY 7: MISSIONARY Praying for the Nation of Tunisia by Bethany Pedigo Scripture Reference: Ezra 7 Be honest.  When you think of  the word “missionary”, do you think of  living in a hut in a remote country?  My parents have served as certified missionaries for a decade of their lives, but in each […]

Day 6: Money


WEEK 1, DAY 6: MONEY Praying for the Nation of Kazakhstan by Bethany Pedigo Scripture Reference: Ezra 6 Has money, or the lack thereof ever stopped you from doing something?  Have you ever needed permission from someone or additional resources to complete a project? When I lived in the Caribbean where my husband was in […]

Day 5: Rebuild


WEEK 1, DAY 5: REBUILD Praying for the Nation of Turkey by Bethany Pedigo Scripture Reference: Ezra 5 For two years the sounds of building had ceased.  For two years, all the tools had been silent.  The people of God had begun a great work – to rebuild the Temple!  But severe opposition and the […]

Day 4: Fruitful Passion

Fruitful Passion

WEEK 1, DAY 4: FRUITFUL PASSION Praying for Brunei by Joe Patterson, Broadway United Methodist Church Scripture Reference: Ezra 4 The Israelites were all in and committed to the task…..the task of resurrecting their community pride and hope in the re-establishment of the temple in Jerusalem. Yet they are surrounded by the naysaying and disruptive […]

Day 3: Prayer for Family & Community

Prayer for Family & Community

WEEK 1, DAY 3: PRAYER FOR FAMILY & COMMUNITY Scripture Reference: Ezra 3 Let us pray together, Lord of all heights and holiness, though strength upon strength you draw near to us. God how grateful I am this morning that you are a God who draws near to your creation. How thankful I am that […]

Day 2: Coming Back

Coming Back

WEEK 1, DAY 2: COMING BACK We Are Still Whom We Are by Martha Christian, Broadway United Methodist Church Scripture Reference: Ezra 2 Generations of Israelites had lived in Babylonian captivity, exiled for 128 years. King David’s majestic temple was destroyed and they were driven from the land Yahweh had promised them, but they were […]

Day 1: Restoration


WEEK 1, DAY 1: RESTORATION Stir it Up by Sami Wilson, Broadway UMC Scripture Reference: Ezra 1 Ezra recounts the return of God’s exiled people Babylon to Judah to rebuild the temple.  God fulfills the word spoken through Jeremiah:  “Only when Babylon’s seventy years are completed will I visit you, and I will fulfill to […]