A Prayer Movement | WePray40.com
A Prayer Movement | WePray40.com

WePray40 is a movement of prayer to unify and transform the Southern Kentucky faith community through repentance, forgiveness, faith, grace, peace and gratitude.

Dates: October 20 – November 28, 2019

Unity in prayer: 

This is about a passionate spirituality that connects believers to God and one another through mutual prayer.  

Transformation through prayer: 

The 40 days movement focuses on inviting God to come live with his people (2 Chron 6:41-42)–expecting him to lead us into a deeper understanding of his Kingdom reality. We are inviting God into the “everyday” by remembering God’s scriptural promises as we seek God’s kingdom in our lives. We focus on the realities of God’s kingdom because we believe God’s reality is greater and stronger than the barriers satan has put in our lives. 

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Listen live: 

90.7 FM Bowling Green, 89.3 FM Glasgow, 91.7 FM Owensboro