WEEK 5, DAY 34: Purify Our Hearts

Purify Our Hearts by Vivian Horton, BG First Church of the Nazarene

Scripture Reference: Psalm 24


Lord Almighty,

You are the majestic King, creator of the earth.

The earth and all that exist on the earth belong to You and You alone.

Forgive us for the times we attempt to come into Your presence with hearts containing motives not in alignment with Your purpose and will.

Forgive us for offering our hands up in praise to You that have been used to glorify another.

Purify our hearts, O Lord.  May we long for You and You alone.  Set within us a desire to do Your will and to follow Your path all our days.

As a parent washes the hands of a small child, clean our hands so we can offer untainted praise to You, Our Father.

With a pure heart and clean hands, then we can humbly stand before Your throne in Your presence, Our God and Our King!

Persecuted Nation: #08 Yemen

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