WEEK 5, DAY 32: Battle

Battle by Rod Ellis, Woodburn Baptist Church

Scripture Reference: Esther 9


God, we find ourselves in a great battle today. As people who walk this dusty old planet, we often think the battle is what we see with our eyes. But we know, in fact, that the greatest battle is the one in the spiritual places. So give us eyes to see who the real enemy is, and who the real casualties are. Give us the mindfulness and courage to put on the right armor—the belt of truth, which we always want to wear with grace; the breastplate of righteousness, which we always wear with humility; the gospel of peace, which we always communicate with power; the shield of faith, which we place only in You; the helmet of salvation, which we will one day turn in for a crown of righteousness; and the sword of the Spirit, which makes the wounded whole.  

Help us fight for our marriages, our families, our neighbors, and — by your power — even our enemies.  

And thank You, Father, that we never fight in our puny strength, but in the might of the King of kings and Lord of lords. We pray in the Name of the Risen One, Jesus, amen.

Persecuted Nation: #09 Iran

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