WEEK 5, DAY 31: Living Hope

Living Hope by Shaun Cummings, Unleash Church

Scripture Reference: Esther 8


We know you are King. You will always be King, for your kingdom is everlasting. We exalt you and come to your throne today. It’s your heart we’re chasing after.

Your presence is the only place we want to be.  

We know you are a God of hope, so we will not lose heart. All of the chaos in the world would lead us to believe that hope is lost. However, we know, that with you, hope is never lost. Because we are yours, we will have the victory. Your plan is to prosper your people. Your plan is to give us Hope and a future. Today we claim those promises as our own. We will live in hope and put our trust in the Living Hope. 

We know you are a God of peace, so we will not give way to chaos. You have blessed us with a peace that surpasses understanding. Thank You for that. Thank you that no matter the circumstances, peace can be found in You.   

We pray for the United States of America. We pray that our country would be a praying country. That we would seek your face and turn from our wicked ways. Be our cornerstone! Be our foundation.  

We pray for the people of India today. We know you love each and every person in that country. We know you desire to see the lost saved. Let nothing stop your plan for redemption. Bless those who are persecuted. Redeem those who have persecuted your people. We pray for revival in India. We pray that the puny gods would fall and that You would rise. Be the one true God over India. Take your rightful place in that country.  

God we want heaven on earth. Jesus prayed it, and we believe it’s possible. More of Heaven in America, more of Heaven in India, more of Heaven in earth.  

We love you Lord, teach us to love you more. In Jesus name we pray. Amen!

Persecuted Nation: #10 India

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