WEEK 5, DAY 30: Justice Will Prevail

Justice Will Prevail by Crystal Cummings, Unleash Church

Scripture Reference: Esther 7


Let’s pray. 

Jesus, we just praise you and magnify you for who you are.

There’s no one like you. Thank you for your love.

Thank you for your holiness and you’re righteousness that you impute to us, Lord God. 

I thank you that you are a God of justice. Just as we read in Esther 7, Lord, the plan that Hamaan had made came back on his own head. We thank you God that you fight for your people, that you fight for us, and that your justice will prevail. We thank you, like your Word says, that you fight on our behalf, and we need only to be still. 

God, so we come to you now, and we are still before you. We are still before you. You are wonderful, majestic, holy. There is no one like you. We rest in your glorious presence today, God. We rest, assured in our hearts that you are fighting on our behalf, and that your justice will prevail. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Lord God. 

We pray for the people of Syria today. God, show yourself to them in a mighty way that they can all come to know you, the one true God. I pray that you would just work in magnificent ways in their lives. I speak peace. I speak restoration. I speak families reunited in the name of Jesus. We know you are working today, and we praise you for that. For those people that you love and you died for, God. Work speedily on their behalf. 

Holy Father, you alone are worthy. Worthy of all praise. We thank you that you are with us each and every second of every day, that your presence, your glory, is embodied in us. We are your temple. As we walk through this day, may we be carriers of your majesty, carriers of your presence, showing your love to all that we come in contact with. May the streets of our city be filled with your love and with your glory, for your name, for your praise, and for your honor. 

God your body comes together today, and we pray as a united front that you would invade our city, God, that revival would break out and that your Spirit would pour out on every man and woman. We praise you, God. We know that this is your will, and so we thank you for that. We thank you for the hearts being stirred even right now, God. You are so wonderful. 

We so look forward to seeing what you are doing and what you will do in the coming days. Thank you for your love, for your mercy, for your justice. We honor and praise you. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Persecuted Nation: #11 Syria

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