Approach Your Throne Boldly by Prescott Khair, Bowling Green SDA Church

Scripture Reference: Esther 5


Let’s bow our heads one more time as we pray through Esther chapter 5 today. 

God, our Father, not just our Father but our King. God our King we come before you as sovereign of our life, of this world, of everything that is. God our King we come before you and I say King on purpose because you are King just as much as you are friend.  And as read through Esther chapter 5 we see that Esther approached the king. Esther approached the king with nervousness but she approached boldly.  She came with a request. She came with her petitions and she approached boldly the throne. 

In the situation there the king was being led two and from by different advisors but behind the scenes you were directing all things.  And today we come before you as the true King.  The one king who is led by justice and mercy.  And Lord we come before you and we can approach your throne boldly as you’ve written in the text. Lord as we approach your throne boldly we come before we our many requests and petitions. We know that as King of the universe you control our fates. You control what happens to us.

We humble ourselves and submit to you. But as we approach your throne, God. We know that your plans are only good for us. That desires is only for our good and for the best possible solutions that there are.  We know that you’re a God that makes things right and God a God that gives us a choice to hear you or to walk away from you.  And so Jesus as we come before you hear us.  We know you’ll reach out the scepter. We know that you’ll always embrace us. And God we’re thankful for your embrace.  We don’t deserve that embrace but in the world of difficulty we look for you for your embrace. Because in that embrace there is safety and security.  There’s a better future than there is a present.  We know that wherever you are that’s where we want to be and so we approach your throne boldly. 

Lord as we step towards you we bow down before your authority as King and Creator.  We acknowledge who you are as lawgiver.  That your government is just.  We know that there is injustice in this world.  We know there is trouble in this world. That there is strife in this world but there is none of that with you.  There is only good, peace, and justice, love and mercy. They embrace together.

oday, Lord, as we’re here we remember the story of Esther coming before the throne and today we approach your throne.  We know that you’ll embrace us, here our cries.  We bring our petitions before you for our individual needs for our collective of church for the collective of our society we bring our needs before you because you’re the only one who can answer them in a way we need.  And even then when we don’t know what to ask.  The Spirit intercedes for us.  You intercede, Jesus. And you are the one who presents our petitions, Lord. You wrap us in grace and righteousness so when we stand before the throne and that is seen is the blood of Jesus.

God, today, we come before you.  We know that you’ll lower the scepter and that you’ll embrace us.  Lord, we look forward to that embrace. We long for that embrace.  Thank you. In the name of your Son we pray.  Amen. 

Persecuted Nation: #13 Saudi Arabia

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