Defeat the Enemy by Prescott Khair, Bowling Green SDA Church

Scripture Reference: Esther 3


As we come together again in our WePray40 journey. Let’s meet together and pray and bow our heads as we pray through Esther chapter 3 today.

God our Father we have seen your goodness.  We have seen in the previous chapter as we have read about how you’ve put people in place for your purpose and your plan at the right time and in the right situations. We know God that you will lift us up in the time right and the right places to be your people following your will who are called by your name. Who are there to act as you lead.  So God we know that whenever you work we know the enemy works just as much. The enemy is weaker; the enemy has been defeated but we know that the enemy is stubborn. And that wherever you have your people working, wherever your Spirit is working in this world the enemy is there to tear down and destroy. As so God as we pray through Esther chapter 3. We see that in the lives of Mordecai that enemy empowered Haman to have plans to destroy and to kill your people. 

God right now in our day today we sometimes feel we are under attack. Under a physical and spiritual attack from the enemy that is there to tear down all that is good; all that’s pure; all that’s holy.  We know the devil is out there to destroy but God, today, we are coming and kneeling before you. We humble ourselves before you. Because we know that no amount of human cunning; no amount of human intellect; no amount of human will and vigor can defeat this enemy.  It requires you to go before us and behind us.  To lead the way that wherever we step foot that it’s already been claimed and conquered in your name.

God we’re praying right now, in humility, that you go before us and fight the battles that need to be fought.  To tear down the enemy’s strongholds.  To fight back the forces that are pushing heavily and pushing darkness and evil in on our lives, our churches, and on our communities. We’re asking that you push back the forces of the devil.  Because right now we know you have your people at work, that there is a plan and a purpose. That you have lifted people up for, whoever they are, wherever we might be, wherever your people might be called we know you are doing a work. That your Spirit has led beforehand.  And so God push back the devil who is coming to destroy.  Because sometimes it looks bleak and sometimes it looks hopeless but wherever that is we know that is just the devil’s attack and that you are stronger. And we cling to that; we cling to you; we cling and hold onto your hand because with your righteous right hand you hold up the life of the righteous.  You defeat the enemy. Throughout the Old Testament we see the promise after promise of how you go before and behind. In the New Testament we see how you walk beside us physically.  How you give your Spirit to comfort us to teach us, to guide us and to lead us. Lord you never leave us alone. And so, no matter what battle we are facing; no matter what darkness we are seeing; no matter what attack we come under.  We turn our eyes to you because God you are where our help and salvation comes from.  Jesus we are praying this in your name. Amen.

Persecuted Nation: #15 Iraq

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