Wisdom of Jesus by Steven Tyree, Christian Family Institute

Scripture Reference: Esther 1

Hello and blessings, I’m Steven Tyree. Let’s all pray together.

Father God you are wisdom.  You alone are wise.  So now we seek you and turn to you and seek you ways not our ways.  We seek your wisdom and the not the foolishness of the world.  We thank you so much Father God for making wisdom for us and for indwelling us through Christ and your Holy Spirit to remind of your peace and of the knowledge and wisdom of Jesus.  It is because of you that we have wisdom and without you we do not find the wisdom we need in this life and in this world and when we are not able or capable of reflecting wisdom or truth to world we live in.

Father God we are in a time here where in our prayer journey together as a community.  We’re a little past the midway mark of the 40 days.  And we just thank you as we pray for others that you will continue to change us because you are our comforting presence. You are the healer and you are the one who blesses and gives life. 

We ask you for wise council.  We ask you to council and encourage the hearts of the leaders of the nation; the leaders of this world; the leaders of this community; and all those who make decisions that they would hear your voice and follow your calling.  Right now, Father God, would you please replace any unworthy advisors that we might be listening to and offer us individuals who would speak the word of Jesus to us.  Who would offer the council of the great, great counselor of Jesus Christ.  Help us to your truth in a way that we can take that in and we can be challenged to be your people more and more to fulfill your purpose in our own life, our families, our communities and that the world would be transformed that the kingdom that is yours will continue to come to earth and be fulfilled, Father.  May we continue to turn to you and trust you as our leader and as our strength. For you are peace; you are joy; you are love; you’re full of mercy and grace; all good fruit comes from you.  And we find truth and peace and kindness and joy in Father God through your Holy Spirit in Jesus Christ.

In our lives, Father Lord, we would ask that you would just surround us with those who will speak wisdom; who will speak your truth. That we will hear your truth from the scriptures as well as from those who would speak to us and encourage us and lend an opinion or thought and may your opinion be your truth. And not just based in our human vanity and our human ego, Father.  May we also believe the indwelling of your Holy Spirit that guides us toward wisdom and toward your truth.  We are always struggling to make decisions and to choose which way to go. Father God, you hear me often say I struggle sometimes to agree with myself.  That is why I need to hear your voice.  We ask that the people that belong to you, those that call on you as Father God, those who have accepted Christ and you as Lord and Savior and Messiah and King, Father. That you would encourage the hearts of humanity to see the light of your love and that would penetrate the darkness of our communities.

Lord, we pray for presidents, and governors, and mayors and just folks that lead in homes and families.  Those that lead businesses and organizations; those that care for sick and seek to put together programs to bless the poor, Father.  We just life all those who serve in places of power and those who serve humbly, Father.  Those to help us to pick up our trash, clean up our tables, and our bathrooms and that we see are that we are all equal in your eyes.  There is no greater than other than you, Father.  You are superior to us in wisdom, and strength, and power and we are all your children and helps to be humble in that, Father God.  It is in the name of Jesus Christ, the lamb of God, that was risen from the grave that gives life to us. The resurrection power of life through the Holy Spirit and the indwelling of your Spirit.  In the name of Jesus Christ we pray for wisdom, glory to you Father God, in Jesus name we pray. Amen.


Persecuted Nation: #17 Algeria

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