WEEK 3, DAY 20: First Fruits

The First Fruits of the Heart by Bridget Kehrt-Groce, CFR

Scripture Reference: Nehemiah 10

It is so nice to have something to be able to offer, whether its basic needs of food , a place to rest and recharge , or a good conversation.  It is just good to be the one that can meet someone else’s needs.  God doesn’t have a need that we fulfill , but he does make the request that He wants to be our first love. 

God created us knowing that what we hold in our heart is what we value most.  He wants to be the ultimate priority, because he knows that if we value him most then the rest of our life will be focused to align according to His goodness.  A friend shared with me that she was feeling pretty good about the way she had handled a difficult situation.  She was comparing herself to the way most of the people  she knew would have responded.  She had to rethink her perspective  when another friend commented “sure you did good when you compare yourself with your friends, but is that your measuring stick? I thought God set the example in your life. 

The Israelites made a commitment to align with God and offer their first fruits to Him.  This would be a reset from where they had been to allow them to remain where they need to be. 

Being resolved that what you do, and how you do it is a direct reflection of your devotion to God sets a kingdom rhythm in your life.  Tonight be intentional, look back at your day from start to finish and take fruit inventory.  If you see love shared, joy felt and peace prevailing you can confirm your first fruits is bringing God’s highest yield. 


Let’s pray together.  Gracious Father we are humbled by the knowledge that it is you who provide all that we have and need.  Because we believe you are wanting the very best for us we show our trust in you by giving you our first and best.  We give our first and best acknowledging that you have priority in our lives.  And we offer as a gift of gratitude our finances, our time, and our loyalty.  All that we have and we are, we give to you.  And Father turn our gifts into blessings for those who struggle, that are heartbroken, are burdened by concerns and are overwhelmed. And as we bring our first fruits to you during this season to bless and increase, we pray that the fruits that remain will be blessed and increased so that we can continue to be a blessing to others.  And we give you all the praise honor and glory in Jesus name Amen

Persecuted Nation: #21 Vietnam

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