WEEK 3, DAY 19: Reckoning

The Right Reckoning by Bridget Kehrt-Groce, CFR

Scripture Reference: Nehemiah 9

A good communicator tells details in such a way that you feel like you are right in the middle of the story. Nehemiah 9 is the road revisited with a lot of details! The Israelites’ got together again because they recognized that in order to be restored to God,  a reckoning would be necessary. After reading God’s word out loud , they publicly shared their journey and not just theirs but their grandparents’ story too. The details included rebellion, stubbornness, and malicious disregard. They understood that they didn’t need to be consumed with self-examination but they did need to be honest and come clean with the Lord. They even intensify their volume as they lament.  It seems when you focus on strife it is harder to do so in a quiet meek voice.

The Israelites also remember God’s goodness and generosity to them.  They are humbled because as they look around despite their disobedience, they are back in the land that God entrusted them in the beginning. They must be thinking, how come we get another chance with such a failed track record. Can you relate? Has there been a time when your actions are far less than desirable, yet you find yourself still the recipient of goodness? God is merciful. There are two recognizable paths we take instead of God’s: self-promotion and self-preservation. These paths are paved with deceit. 

If you are currently not where you know you want to be, take time to evaluate where you have stepped and equally the people you walk with.  But don’t stay there.   Ask God to bring people into your life that will hold you accountable to His best for you.  Also, commit to be that accountability for someone else.  The willingness to course correct directly benefits you but it also impacts your family, loved ones and the people God trusts you to serve.


Father God we thank you that we can trust you. While the world doesn’t understand how we can trust in something we don’t see.  Throughout your word all the main characters had the same thing to say about you, faithful and true.  Faithful to thousands of generations, your word is faithful.  You are a provider that we can trust in the name of the Lord. Nehemiah was a cupbearer, a government servant of an invader King, and yet he was an example of the one impact that one individual can have on a whole nation.  You used Nehemiah in his secular positions to bring the Jews back to order stability and ultimately back to you.  Lord you call all kinds of people to all kinds of places to do all kinds of work to serve your purpose.  Increase our faith to trust that wherever we may be you have a plan beyond what we can see that’s for our good and especially for your glory.  Lead guide and direct us so that everything we do and everything we say gives you the glory and praise,  that we are your hands and feet trusting in your will and your guidance.  It is in Jesus name we pray and praise.   Amen 

Persecuted Nation: #22 Turkmenistan

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