WEEK 3, DAY 17: Foundational Building Block

Trust in God’s Foundational Building Block by Bridget Kehrt-Groce, CFR

Scripture Reference: Nehemiah 7

There’s such a great feeling of accomplishment when goals are met.  The walls are complete, the gates are in place and there is so much space, and it has all been built in less than two months.  But this space needs people!  Maybe you have found yourself in a similar situation like Nehemiah and you asked, “How can I recruit people to be a part of what God is doing?”  That question is still being asked today.  When something is built there is always a hope for how it will be used and who is going to benefit. 

Trust is God’s foundational building block 

God builds us in a triune manner.  He gives an internal awareness that something is needed,  emotional confirmation for necessary momentum and a hopeful endurance to accomplish His purpose.  We don’t always recognize these promptings of God.  The whole process gives way for us to know God’s voice and trust His ways. Sometimes our greatest angst is sorting through the process.  Nehemiah knows that if people will come and see for themselves, they will recognize God’s mighty hand.   He tells us it was “my God” that put the idea of doing an enrollment.(v.5)  This calling together is God’s plan to connect his exiles so they could recount their history and prepare the way for their future.  This long list of names starting with verse 6 through 67 might be something at first glance you want to skim over.  But really,  the details of this chapter are the names and account of God’s preserved  DNA.  This remnant is the bloodline that will usher Jesus to the world.  God called His heirs to the space that needed to be a reconciled place. 

Even now, God is asking His people to go to the ruins and the ruined to rebuild.  He is the author of creativity.  His  ideas  optimize people’s talents and skills for the “commonwealth”.   The re-building of the city made a way for God’s kingdom culture to be evidenced.   

God will ask you to go to the ruined, whether that is a person, place, business or ministry and He will equip you to rebuild. Listen to His voice, let the Holy Spirit show you God’s promises that will flourish in the most dry, disappointed, and defeated.  He is a God that rebuilds in rallying ways because it is HIS foundation we build on.  We need to trust is God’s foundational building block.


Will you pray with me? Father as the scripture is referenced in our prayer calendar today the Israelites in the book of Nehemiah were looking at that place of you setting them back in full obedience. They recognize their responsibility as people of faith as heirs  to the greatness of you.  We’re gonna focus on that today Lord, confessing anything in our life that doesn’t establish and point back to you, we just bring that to the forefront of our mind.  And then God equally we thank you because as we do that examination we realize all our talents, all our skills, everything you’ve trusted us with,  gives us the ability to carry out your promises and your plans in our life. 

So,  God we’re asking you for the right reckoning and that has two purposes.  Lord it is right in your eyes,  your will,and your way.  Equally Father it is our right as your ambassadors. Show us Lord, the areas of our life that need more of you and less of us. And then Father show us the potential of our day, the people that you’ve trusted us with, the plans that you want us to carry out, and how we are going to be used by you today Father.  We ask all these things Father for our nation too,  that we would be a nation of purpose and planning and  promise for you. And we request all these things in the mighty name of the victory that Jesus has already accomplished it’s in his name we pray.

Persecuted Nation: #24 Mauritania

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