Praying for the Nation of Nepal by Terry Daniels, Transformation Christian Center

Scripture Reference: Ezra 9

Good morning, welcome to Day 9 of WePray40.  This morning I’m praying for the country of Nepal. I’m looking at the text of Ezra 9.  And in that text Ezra is praying for the people because they have been overwhelmed by the deluge of sin and strangers in the land.  And so, we’re praying for a God to overcome that which has tried to overcome us.  I believe as we pray these 40 days and for Nepal, most especially today, that God will begin to remove those things that limit us from experiencing all that He has for us.  Will you pray with me this morning?


Dear God, our father, we bow this day. Thank you Lord for just being a loving God, a kind God, a generous God, a mighty God, but there’s nothing that is too hard for us. There’s nothing that overwhelms us. There’s nothing that you cannot remove from us. God, as we go through these trying times. We pray God Lord, especially for Nepal on this day. We pray God, not only for them, but Lord all the things that are strange in the land that you’ve created. We pray that you would give us strength to overcome. We pray that you would bless the Lord with power and might that we may magnify how great you are. God, we thank you Lord for what you’ve already done.

But more importantly God, we thank you Lord, for what you’re about to do. God, as we come on this ninth day of these 40 days of prayer. We pray God that you would just continue to strengthen each one of us. Continue to strengthen our homes and our families. We pray God, Lord, that you would just magnify your power and your presence with us God, that when we see you coming, God, we would lift up your Holy name. We’ll give you glory. We’ll give you honor. We’ll give you praise. We thank you, God. Lord, that you called us to a time such as this.

As we look at the country of Nepal on this day, we look beyond them and look at all other countries, God, that you would just began to show us that no matter what enemy has tried to come into our land. You’re still God above all in all and through all. Magnify yourself in us. Lord that you would be all that we need in this life. In the mighty and matchless name of Jesus we pray, amen.


Persecuted Nation: #32 Nepal

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