The Wall of Holiness by Ruth Fraser, Crossland Community Church

Scripture Reference: Nehemiah 3

Nehemiah has seen the broken-down condition of his beloved city. He decides to do something about it but knows that the task is not for one man. As a leader he rallies the people and delegates the job of rebuilding of the wall and repair the many gates to everyone in the city. In Nehemiah 3, the whole community is involved in the process of rebuilding. Everyone has a specific assignment in their sphere of influence. We see the priests, the businesspeople and the lay people all working with their hands on their sections of the wall. Every gate is repaired. The work of every family or group is significant and each did their part meticulously. As people of God, we look for what is torn down and assess what needs rebuilding.


The job of restoring what the enemy has ruined in our communities is not for one man, one group or one local church. We all need to work hand in hand in unity. We need to value what others bring to the table and do our part with integrity. It is important to note that every gate is named and repaired, not one is missing. Otherwise there would be a breach in the wall. In the same way it is important to realize that there is no compromise in our individual lives and in the Church. Every sin, every barrier of race, color, gender, money, and language has to be pulled down. The wall of holiness and genuine love that distinguishes God’s people has to be built up. As the Church, we will then regain our good reputation, our voice, and our authority in the world. Once again we will become the salt of the earth and the light of the world becoming instruments of His peace. We will only then be able to bring solutions to our global challenges.


Our Father in heaven, we pray for the Church today. Lord, we acknowledge that Your body is not a building or a meeting place. Your people are the Church. Unite us as one. We repent for the brokenness of the Church due to sin, apathy, and a lack of maturity. We turn to You, help us to change our ways. Father, nothing is possible unless You help us. Strengthen us to do the work of rebuilding the safeguards that would protect the people from the evil one. We pray that holiness and love will be the hallmark of the Church. Restore to us our influence and our voice in this world. Let our voice be encouraging, refreshing and constructive. Holy Spirit come fill us and renew our focus. Make us one. Give us wisdom. Give us strategies for every crisis the world is facing and use us to bring healing and restoration to the world. O God in heaven hear our cry. Amen.


Persecuted Nation: #28 Burkina Faso

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