Praying for the Nation of Mali by Terry Daniels, Transformation Christian Center

Scripture Reference: Nehemiah 2

Good morning, this is Terry Daniels.  I’m coming to you on Day 12 of WePray40 and this morning we’re going to be praying for the country of Mali.  Our text that we’re going to be referencing out of Nehemiah chapter two.   When we think about the country of Mali. They’ve been ravaged, again, challenges of civil war and the poverty is so high.  It limits them from beginning to see and believe God.  There are times when life throws us some things that make us begin to doubt God. As Nehemiah went to the king in chapter two and began to display his level of sadness.  The king asked him; why are you so sad and why is there such a heaviness?  He just said my people, my land has been ravaged.  I believe that’s where we are as a country and we are as people of God.  The enemy has been appearing to win.  But today we begin to declare that he will not continue to win.  God is greater than anything that we’ve faced and are facing.  And so for the country of Mali and the countries that we’ve been praying for throughout these 11 and 12 days.  God is going to show his glory.  So, would you pray with me this morning?


God, we bow with you once again. Thanking you, Lord, for bringing us before you in this WePray40 revival. We pray, God, Lord, that you would just begin to let your light shine upon the country of Mali. They have experienced poverty for so many years, and they’ve been ravaged by pain and suffering for so long, God. And sometimes when you go through struggle as long as they have, you may forget that you’re still God. But God, we know that you’re still the same yesterday, today and forever. There’s nothing too hard for you.

And so God, we come on their behalf. But not only them, God. As with think about the challenges that were facing Nehemiah, you enabled him to get from the King what he needed to accomplish what you had designed. God, we know that you’ve given us all that we need to accomplish everything that you have planned. We pray, God, that you would just bless this country and bless this people. But not only them, God, bless our country.

God, we need you. We need you as we’ve never needed you before to just magnify your light in us, above us, around us so that we would know without a doubt, Lord, that things are about to change, and will change and can change. You’re the same, God, that broke down mountains and moved valleys. God, you’re the same God that made a way for your people, and you’re the same God that will make a way for us.

We come on this 12th day of this WePray40 thanking you for what your promises have already been delivering and what you’re about to do even more. For this country that we pray today in Mali and for our own country, we pray, God, that you would just let us see, that you have supplied all of our needs to accomplish what you’ve called us to accomplish. For so in the mighty and matchless name of Jesus we pray, amen.


Persecuted Nation: #29 Mali

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