Praying for the Nation of Sri Lanka by Terry Daniels, Transformation Christian Center

Scripture Reference: Nehemiah 1

Good morning, this is Terry Daniels, I come to you on Day 11 of WePray40.  This morning I’m going to be praying for the country of Sri Lanka.  A country that has been ravaged by civil war.  A country that had been ravaged by strife for a long time and it’s a heavy burden.  The text I’ll be referencing is out of Nehemiah chapter one.  And we know that in Nehemiah and when he saw that the people of God and their home had been ravaged.  There was a heaviness. And that’s the word that I want to lift today. That word “heaviness.” Sometimes there’s a heaviness that prevents us from being able to run this race with patients because we’re carrying such a heavy weight.  And I believe that the country of Sri Lanka is carrying a heavy weight.  And I believe in our own country there’s a heaviness that we’re carrying that I’m praying that God will lift.  So will you pray with me?


God, our father, we bow this day thanking you. Lord, on this 11th day of We Pray 40, believing you God to relieve us, relieve us of the heaviness.

You said in your word, come unto me all you that labor and heavy laden and you will give us rest. And you said, take your yoke upon us and learn of you. For your yoke is easy, your burden is light. God, I believe there’s a heaviness that’s with the country of Sri Lanka. There’s a heaviness in the days of Nehemiah. There’s a heaviness in our land that we’re trying to run the race that you called us to run, but we’re carrying weight. And you told us in your word to lay aside every weight and every sin that does so easy beset us and run this race with patience.

But I believe, God, there’s a heaviness that we’re carrying, that we need you to lift. As Nehemiah prayed and he sat down in chapter one and began to feel the heaviness, so God, we too feel the heaviness that is part of the sin nature that is in our land. We pray, God, that you would just have your way. Let us see a release. Let us see a relief of your power upon us, that the relief would come. That we will see your glory, we’ll see your honor, we’ll see your favor, not only in the country of Sri Lanka, but in our country, God.

You would come and magnify yourself in a time such as this. I believe, God, you’re still the same God yesterday, today, and forever. And I believe, God, as we pray together that your hands are moving upon us. We thank you in advance for the release and the relief you’re about to bring upon the country of Sri Lanka and upon our country and throughout this world. Let there be a revival, God, that we’ve never seen before because of your release of this heaviness upon us, so that we can walk in a newness of this life.

Have your way with each of us, that your name will be magnified and glorified, sending mighty and matchless name of Jesus. We pray, amen.


Persecuted Nation: #30 Sri Lanka

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