Praying for the Nation of Tajikistan by Terry Daniels, Transformation Christian Center

Scripture Reference: Ezra 10

Good morning, this is Terry Daniels, Day 10 of WePray40.  This morning I’m praying for the country of Tajikistan.  And we’re coming out of the tenth chapter of Ezra. In that chapter we see the enemy has infiltrated the people of God by causing them to marry strangers.  And whenever you become engaged and married to someone who is not of God.  It begins to influence your thinking and causes you to see things that God did not say.  But I believe as we come into prayer for Tajikistan that we begin to see influences in that country.  They’ve had civil war and they’re trying to pray themselves out of that mindset of the war. I believe that is true for so many countries, as well as our own country, but as we go pray this morning let’s remember Tajikistan. Let’s pray!


God, we pray this morning that as we come to you, the country of Tajikistan has been ravished and challenged by civil war, by others coming into the country that has caused them to have a mindset of struggle and strife. But God, you’re greater than that. Even as we look at the book of Ezra, chapter 10, and we see the evil influences that have pervaded our minds and our hearts, God, we believe that you’re bigger than all of those things. So we come this morning for the people of God, for a time such as this on this day 10. That God, you will begin to shower us with your wisdom and your knowledge. Give us a new mind, give us a new heart. Let us begin to believe, God, that you’re bigger than anything that has tried to persuade us and calls us to walk contrary to you, to see things different than what you’ve promised in spite of what we see, God.

God, we believe that you’re still speaking to us. So God let us hear your voice no matter what the enemy has tried to tell us, no matter how long the enemy has tried to persuade us. God, we break every cycle. We break every spirit. We break every demonic spirit that has tried to tell us we can’t be what you told us we can’t be, we can’t have what you told us we can’t have. But God, I believe today that it’s that day where we hear your voice, and your voice tells us, “Fight on.” Fight on in your name. Fight on for your glory, fight on for your honor, and you will honor everything that stands up for you.

So we pray for Tajikistan, we pray for our country. We pray for everyone that’s listening today that you would break every cycle, everything that is trying to keep them in bondage. And we pray that you’ll just let your life magnify in us. It’s in the mighty and matchless name of Jesus we pray. Amen.


Persecuted Nation: #31 Tajikistan

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