Praying for the Nation of Kazakhstan by Bethany Pedigo

Scripture Reference: Ezra 6

Has money, or the lack thereof ever stopped you from doing something?  Have you ever needed permission from someone or additional resources to complete a project? When I lived in the Caribbean where my husband was in medical school , we had to go through an elaborate system to validate our visas to live there.  We had to visit about four different offices, get colorful stickers and stamps at each and then sign many papers.  Often, however, the offices were closed when we arrived for lunch, or for a festival, requiring us to wait a long time or return on a different day.


When the people of God restarted the work to rebuild the Temple and were again harassed, they appealed to Darius to find the original order. King Darius searched through the archives and found that King Cyrus did, in fact, make this order.  This changed his mind, and he sent a letter in support of the Jews’ desire to rebuild the Temple.  He also ordered funds to be released to them.  It does not say this in the text, but do you wonder like I do if this had something to do with the fact that Darius knew Daniel?  Darius, who had thrown Daniel in the den of hungry lions and seen a miracle with his own two eyes? God is able to move on the heart of any person on the face of  the planet, regardless of their position or predetermined thoughts about God.  Sometimes, the thing that God wants us to do might hit an obstacle we think is impossible – and many times that has to do with money.  Friends, I am reminded and convicted as well that God owns everything and money is never an issue for Him!  Would you pray with me?


God, forgive us for thinking that You need to work on our time table.  Forgive us for doubting Your ability to provide for us at times.  Give us favor, like Daniel and the Jews working on rebuilding,  with the earthly authorities here as we go about Your work.  We proclaim that we will be a blessing to our cities and those who are in authority here!  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Persecuted Nation: #35 Kazakhstan

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