Scripture Reference: Ezra 3

Let us pray together,

Lord of all heights and holiness, though strength upon strength you draw near to us.

God how grateful I am this morning that you are a God who draws near to your creation. How thankful I am that we do not have to stand here and try to draw up power and authority on our own but we can stand here in the authority and power that you have given us Jesus by your Spirit. 

Prayer for Family & Community

We come in this moment praying for our own hearts. God we pray that we would be people who would be marked by humility, that we would be marked by kindness, that we would be marked most of all by love. God we pray for our families. We pray that our families would be marked by connectedness, that our families would be marked by hospitality and safety and that our families would be beacons of hope within our communities. 

Jesus we do pray for our community. We lift up all areas in our community from education to entertainment to leadership to businesses to all the areas, Jesus, where you have put your people God. Would they rise up in order to bring Kingdom minded work, Kingdom minded prosperity into these areas. Jesus, would you show us the areas in our community that we can lean in together to build a better community that reflects your kingdom, oh God.

Prayer for The Nation

We lift up our state. We have many many many broken hearts around our state, God, as we continue to go through this extremely long pandemic through all of the things that are bubbling up to the top in the middle of this shaking time Jesus. We pray for your healing in our land. We pray for and trust that you are working redemption in our land God. We lift up our nation to you God as we are hinged on another transition spot. Would you lead your people… Would you lead them to make choices that honor you with their lives, with their actions, with their very speech. God, would we be marked by people of prayer. Would we be marked as people who are lovers of you and lovers of people first and foremost.

God there so many things that we don’t know right now, but we can trust in Your goodness and in Your care of us. Show us how we can be your hands and feet Jesus on this Earth. Lead us for the sake of a broken world that needs to know that You are for them and not against them. Jesus bring your Revival and may it start with me. In Your name Jesus we pray, Amen.

Persecuted Nation: #38 Bangladesh

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