Scripture Reference: Luke 14:25-35

As I read the words of this passage in Luke 14:25-38 I am compelled to wonder at the strong language Jesus uses as He talks to this crowd that followed Him. These are His potential disciples—people who would become His loyal subjects. And the same people who would, not only learn from Him, but also change to become like Him. I believe it is in this expectation of a disciple becoming transformed to His likeness and image that Jesus says that one cannot be His disciple unless they do these three things:

Jesus says you cannot be His disciple unless you have such a single focus of following and obeying Him. That your love for everyone else and even for your own life takes second place (Luke 14:26). His next requirement for His disciples is that they take full responsibility of their consistent walk with Him (Luke 14:27). And lastly, They should count the cost before they start their journey of following Him (Luke 14:28-22). Anyone who chooses to follows Jesus without allowing the Holy Spirit to bring about their transformation should rethink their decision.


The end goal of our salvation is to become sons of God that behave and act like the Son of God—see Romans 8:29. Transformation is not easy but is necessary. At the time of our initial salvation prayer, God takes us from the kingdom of darkness and places us in the kingdom of light—Colossians 1:13. This kingdom of light, often called the kingdom of heaven, has a totally different culture. A new way of life than what we were used to. To live in this new kingdom, we have to become a new creation. Old things must pass away, and things must become new—2 Corinthians 5:17.

Romans 12:2 explicitly tells Christians not to be conformed to the current age but that they be transformed by the renewing of their mind. The Passion Translation (TPT) renders this verse like this: “Stop imitating the ideals and opinions of the culture around you, but be inwardly transformed by the Holy Spirit through a total reformation of how you think. This will empower you to discern God’s will as you live a beautiful life, satisfying and perfect in His eyes.”


You might ask, how is all this possible and how is all this achieved? The answer is God! God the Father calls us, God the Son has made the way and God the Holy Spirit does the transforming work in us. Yet the choice is ours. Our work is to believe and have faith—John 6:29. Our job is to love God above all else, to count the cost of following Jesus and to take responsibility for our transformation. We do this by allowing the Holy Spirit to speak to us and to use our circumstances to develop in us a godly character. After this is all said and done we will look like our Savior.


Jesus I thank You for speaking the truth even though it was hard. I thank You that once You saved me I was not left to my own devices to be the same sinful person that I was before. That Your Spirit that resides in me has begun to transform me. Holy Spirit I give You permission to continue and complete the work You have started in me. Holy Spirit, come fill me again, come make me like Jesus. Amen.

—Ruth Fraser, founder Factor M4:6 Inc. ministry, and prayer coordinator Unleash Church.

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